Our Last Day

Well ladies, this ends the Academic Writing I A blog. Today is our last lesson and this is my last entry on this blog! It’s been great teaching you and I look forward to seeing your blog presentations next week. Thank you for making this a wonderful place to share our writing! I wish you all the best next semester and for Reiko and Saki who will be studying in England, enjoy your time and keep in touch! I hope you will all continue to write your individual blogs because I intend to follow each one.



My Favorite Place

 One of my favorite places is my grand mother’s house in Nishiwaki, north of Hyogo. Nishiwaki is in the countryside and has much nature. Around the house, lush green trees grow, so the air is pretty clean. Whenever I go there, I relax very much. Also the house has Engawa or deck. It is along the edge of the house facing the garden. I listen to the music or take a nap or do something in Engawa. I like Engawa so much. I couldn’t go to my grand mother’s house for half of a year. I want to see her too, so I’ll go to there next week.  


A Wonderful Live Concert

 Recently, I went to the live concert of Exile twice. Exile is a group of singer and dancer. I like this group since I’m 15 years old. Before live concert begin, I ate French fries. It was salty. Then, I went to Kyosera Dome in Osaka. There were many people, so I felt bad smell of sweat. Moreover, my arms felt sticky my arms from heat of fans. Also there was very wide and big, but I could see them nearby stage. I saw them at the forefront seat for the first time, so I could see their expressions distinctly. It was so excited!!! 😉 While live concert continues, I was filled with rapture listening to their singing voice. After the live concert was over, I became very happy. I won’t be able to forget that wonderful day.           Saki

My favorite place

I have a favorite tea shop. I often go there with my mother and it is a near my house. The man and wife are management the shop so it is not so big. When I was went to for the first time, the shop looked very quiet and cute. The shop have many kinds of cake, tea and coffee. I often eat chiffon cake or gateau chocolate and drink a tea. But I always confused that especially tea has too many kinds. My best tea is called sweet moon Paris. It is a little different Earl Gray and sweet. These price is a little expensive than other tea shop but tastes are very delicious and smell is good. Recently,I couldn’t go there. So I want to go there in the near future.


my favorite place

   I’ll describe about my favorite place. It’s Guam. I go abroad every summer. Because I’d like to go abroad and trip somewhere! Also go with my family or by myself. Since I was a baby, my parents take me go to Guam. That’s my first trip. Then we go there every summer. So, I become familiar with the local customs. If I go to there, I do snorkeling with my brother and dad. Only mother don’t want to do it. She dosen’t like to get sunburn and her skin is very weak. Anyway, I like to do it. Do you know “Guam’s nice sightseeing spot”? It isn’t sea only. Of cause, Guam has a wonderful sea. There are lots of marine organisms. (it’s like a sea turtle, tropical fish) But there are nice places more! My one of favorite event is “Chamorro night market” on Wednesdays. It’s means Chamorro culture party. If you visit, you can eat Chamorro food, see a Chamorro dance show, and buy a local specialty. When I went there, I really excited and had a good time. I want to describe about other place is ” Two lovers point”. That’s very famous place. There has a beautiful view. If you have a lucky, you can see a school of dolphins! I saw them only once. I was really happy! Do you want to go there??





Something I like to do

 I like listening to music because if I listen to music,I feel happy.Recently,I am listening to classical, pop and some foreign music. I like these kinds of music. Before I went to Canada,I never listened to some foreign country music because I thought foreign music was very difficult to understand to me. So I didn’t listen to foreign music. But since I arrived in Japan, I began listening to some foreign music because if I listen to foreign music, I think my English skill gets a little better. Also my favorite foreign singer is Taylor Swift. She is from USA.She is very young and cute. So I like her music and her lyrics. I listen to classical and pop music everyday on a train,bus and while walking by my iPod. I listen to both quiet and loud classical music. And my favorite Japanese singer is “AKB48”.If I listen to AKB48 music, my feeling gets better. I want to listen to many kinds of music.